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  1. Welcome, Guo Chuan!  On Nov. 18, 2012, Guo Chuan started the Solo Around World Non-Stop sailing with Vessel "ZEDTECH"  ( media name: Qingdao).  He will be back on April 4-52013 after four and a half month sailing.  Official website please see www.transworldsail.com or public news by searching.

  2. (The People News, 2012-10-10 On October 9, 2012, Yacht "ZEDTECH" arrived in the marina of Qingdao Olympic Center after 1200 nautical mile Hong Kong-Qingdao sailing.

  3. Vessel "ZEDTECH" with media name "Qingdao" started from Hong Kong at 2012-9-29 15:00, via East of Taiwan and Diaoyudao, arrived in Qingdao at 2012-10-8 22:30, with 1,200 nautical miles and 9 days 7 hours of duration of total sailing,  including 3 hours within our territorial waters of Diaoyudao.

  4. 2012-9-20 thru 9-26  One of the institutes of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation had a 6 day test in Beijing for the electrical characteristics of our hull materials.

  5. 2012-9-10  ZEDTECH issued the enterprise standards:Q/ZT 057-2012 (ZT1057 Adhesive), Q/ZT 058-2012 (ZT1058 Aromatic Fabric), and Q/ZT 059-2012 (ZT1059 Coated Fabric). 

  6. 2012-8-15  ZEDTECH issued the enterprise standard of Q/ZT 061-2012.

  7. 2012-7-24  General Manager had a conference report to the government of Kunshan City, Jiansu Province.

  8. 2012-7-21崛24  All employers of ZEDTECH had a 3 day vacation in Gold Beach, Hebei Province.

  9. 2012-7-7  A 4-person group of An AVIC company visited our company and discussed the requirements of new airship hull materials.

  10. 2012-5-10  A 3-person group of one institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation visited our company and discussed the requirements of new hull material.

  11. 2012-3-8  A 3-person group of Eurocopter visited our company and discussed about the paintings, training, acceptance and delivery of 2 sets of EC120B. 

  12. 2012-3-5  ZEDTECH issued the enterprise standard of Q/ZT 053-2012.

  13. 2012-2-8  A 5-person group of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics visited our company and discussed the materials, structures, and technologies of an airship. 

  14. 2012-2-3  A 6-person group of one institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation visited our company and had a meeting for airship materials and technologies.

  15. 2012-1-18  ZEDTECH had a party to celebrating Chinese traditional New Year.

  16. 2011-12-9  巷望ZEDTECH had a inner audit of quality system, lasting one week.

  17. 2011-12-7  ZEDTECH issued the enterprise standards: Q/ZT 049-2011 (FL-149 Polyurethane coated fabric) and Q/ZT 050-2011。

  18. 2011-12-15 ZEDTECH issued two enterprise standards: Q/ZT 049-2011 FL-149 Heat Sealable Polyurethane Coated Fabric, and Q/ZT 050-2011 Series A-51143 of High Pressure Hoses.

  19. 2011-12-9 ZEDTECH conducted the second internal audit of 2011 to our quality management systems.  It took one week.

  20. 2011-12-6 ZEDTECH attended a conference regarding project execution situation organized by  NDSIS of Beijing.

  21. 2011-11-23 The end user and the cooperation institute visited the R & D facilities and discussed about the situation of Project X 's execution.

  22. 2011-11-17 --- ZEDTECH signed a contract with Eurocopter, a subsidiary of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) for purchasing two EC120B helicopters. 
    The EC120B, also known as the ^Colibri ̄ (Hummingbird), is a 1.7 ton, single-engine aircraft designed for mission flexibility. It features advanced technologies for simple, safe and cost-efficient operations as well as easy maintenance. It is the only fully FAR/JAR 27 certified helicopter in its class. The EC120 B¨s state-of-the-art ergonomic cockpit, complete with a dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD), greatly decreases the pilot¨s workload, and its Turbomeca Arrius 2F engine offers very low fuel consumption.


  23. 2011-10-20, Czech Republic--- Today two light aircrafts are delivered ex-works to transportation cargo. It will last about one and a half month to ship the aircrafts from Europe to Beijing.

  24. 2011-9-24 through 2011-10-8, La Trinite sur Mer, France ---Sailing yacht "ZEDTECH" has put into commission for 10 days sailing.

  25. 2011-8-14 through 2011-8-26, La Trinite sur Mer, France ---General Manager of ZEDTECH arrived in La Trinite, then had a two-day sea trial with Vessel " ZEDTECH",  and finally check and accept the vessel.  The vessel is a Class 40 sail boat with number CHN 108,  which is the first Chinese owned Class 40 boat.  The boat will put into commission for a challenge of non-stop around world solo sailing started from 2012.

  26. 2011-8-12, Beijing ---ZEDTECH had a management conference to summarize the company's performance  and arrange next step projects.

  27. 2011-8-3, Tianjin --- 5 staffs of R & D department of ZEDTECH visited Material Institute of Tianjin Polytechnic University. They had a half day training and trial on  coating and laminating process.

  28. 2011-7-20, La Trinite sur Mer, France --- Vessel "ZEDTECH" was launched afloat, set up with carbon mast,  and had a 2-day sea trial.  

  29. 2011-7-15 through 19, Qingdao, China ---ZEDTECH organized an 4-day outgoing travel in Qingdao city,  sailing with Mini 48 yacht and "Qingdao" big yacht, climbing Laoshan Mountain, windsurfing and entertaining at Huiquan Gulf.

  30. 2011-7-11 --- All of ZEDTECH personnel had physical examination at Beijing Physical Examination Center.

  31. 2011-7-9, Houcheng, Heibei Province --- Some of ZEDTECH personnel had two day experience flights with Taurus motored gliders, sightseeing Yanshan Mountains.

  32. 2011-7-8 --- ZEDTECH issued two standards: Q/ZT 047-2011 and Q/ZT 048-2011.

  33. 2011-5-16, Jinmen, Hubei Province --- ZEDTECH attended the Conference of Light-Than-Air Vehicles. 

  34. 2011-5-10 ---New version of ZEDTECH's website pages was published.

  35. 2011-4-23 --- ZEDTECH passed the yearly monitor and audit to the GJB9001 quality system. 

  36. 2011-4-22 --- ZEDTECH submitted the application for acceptance of High Performance Airship Hull Material project.  

  37. 2011-4-19 ---The Inspection team of National Defense Office of Beijing came to review the situation of ZEDTECH's file and records management. 

  38. 2011-4-15, Friedrichshafen, Germany ---General Manager of ZEDTECH visited  Aero-Friedrichshafen, which is No.1 exhibition for general aviation.

  39. 2011-3-10 ---ZEDTECH participated a meeting of National Defense Office of Beijing.

  40. 2011-2-10 ---All of ZEDTECH personnel had a meeting to review the "Responsibility, Authority and Quality Objectives" of the company's quality system.

  41. 2010-12-9, Paris --- General Manager of ZEDTECH visited Paris Boat Show and ordered a Class 40 sailing yacht.

  42. 2010-12-15 --- ZEDTECH participated a meeting of National Defense Office of Beijing.

  43. 2010-12-2 ---General Manager of ZEDTECH visited Henkel Corporation, USA and  one of suppliers for RF welder machine. 

  44. 2010-10-27 ---ZEDTECH participated the bidding for RF Sealers with turntables and had a meeting with customers.

  45. 2010-10-20 --- Air traffic management authorities of Beijing came to take counsel with us regarding the airspace management.

  46. 2010-06-01 --- General Manager of ZEDTECH visited China Bluestar Chengrand Chemical Co.,Ltd. and Huaxi Aluminum Co. Limited.


Before around world sailing

Start of around world sailing

After 1200nm
Hong Kong-Qingdao sailing

Vessel "ZEDTECH" in Qingdao

Diaoyudao view from "ZEDTECH"

Company's activities

In Gold Beach, Hebei Prov.

Agreement with Eurocopter


Signature for EC120Bx2

before shipment

In La Trinite sur Mer, France

In Lorient, France

First Launch


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